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Where Hernán Cortes Landed
Quiahuiztlán and Villa Rica
The First Veracruz
Veracruz has a Special Charm that´s like the French Quarter in Old Downtown New Orleans.

There´s also beaches, pyramids, and a lot of unexplored historical places.

It´s also about an hour and a half from Houston.

When you come to Veracruz, it´s best to know what to look for and so you´ll need to get organized to make the most of your time.

If You Want to See Everything...
Here´s Where to Start!
Do It Yourself!

Day 1. A Short Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Veracruz: An Easy Guide and Map to Print before you leave home.

Day 2. How to Get to Quiahuiztlán/Villa Rica, Cempoala, and Antigua, Veracruz: If You Come to Veracruz You Shouldn´t Miss These Places. How to Get There On Your Own.

A Menu of other things to Do. Before you come to Veracruz, Getting Organized.

A Quick Guide for Cruise Professionals and Tourists of Things to Do and Places to See. Veracruz: A Good Port in a Storm.

Sunburn and Insect Bites: A Couple of Easy Remedies I´ve Found that Work.

Veracruz is not well known: Out of the main stream of Foreign Tourists. You have it all to yourself.

Planning Your Trip Around the Weather: The Weather During the Year in Veracruz.

Leave the Driving to Us

The Veracruz Exploration Co.: Your Time is Valuable, and Veracruz is Unique. Take a look a some of what's here!

Renting a Bus in Veracruz: It´s like Having your Own Taxi. The Luxury of Time, and a Solution to Bus Reservations for Groups.

Martin´s Tours: Martin Sandoval is an expert tour guide. He has done work for National Geographics and is an expert on bird migrations. He also works full time at the Fort of San Juan de Ulua. His English is Excellent.

Special Projects
If I can help you with anything special, and it takes less than about 10 minutes, send me an email.

Right now, I am working out of town in a remote area, so it may take a couple of days to get back to you.