When You Need Special Help
A Prayer to San Judas Tadeo

By John Todd, Jr.

"Escapulario" to San Judas Tadeo
Faith and Need
Mexico is a country with many serious problems, and yet, a great faith in Miracles. People talk about miracles all the time because they really happen.

Several years ago, a friend came back from a beautiful wedding in the country around Lake Catemaco.

She brought me back a little strip of yellow paper with a string attached at the top.

Catemaco is an area known for miraculous cures from the curanderos who have lived there for centuries, so what she gave me was special.

Later I asked people how to do these prayers, and here´s some things I didn´t know.

Prayer to San Judas Tadeo
How to Use the Prayer
You don´t have to be a Catholic to use their special prayers. Normally people say the prayer once a day for 9 days. This is called a Novena.

If the need is a tough one, some people say the prayer each day for 40 days.

If the prayer is successful you are supposed to publish an ad of thanksgiving to promote the Prayer to the saint. Here is the Prayer.

The Prayer to San Judas Tadeo in English
Holy Apostle San Judas, faithful servant and friend of Jesus! The Church honors and invokes you universally, as the patron of difficult and desperate cases. Pray for me because I am alone and without help.

I beg that you make use of the special privilege that has been granted to you, of helping quickly and visibly when all hope has almost been lost. Come to my aid in this great need, so that I may receive the consolation and aid of heaven in all my necessities, tribulations and sufferings, especially (...make your request here...), so that I can praise God with you, and with all the chosen ones forever.

I give thanks to you glorious San Judas, and promise to never forget this great favor, to honor you always as my special and powerful patron, and to thankfully do everything I can to foment your devotion. Amen.

My Own Results
Sometimes when we are in need of special help we need to pray, and awhile back a special relative was diagnosed with cancer. In February, she began a combination of chemo and radiation therapy.

I began the prayer daily on March 22 and decided to go for 40 days and ask for a full cure of the cancer. I talked to her on May 2, and she told me,

"You won´t believe this, but when I went in for tests last week, the doctor told me I had no signs of cancer left."

I didn´t know what to say. I don´t know if it was the prayer or not. Something must have worked somewhere.

Praying for a Job
When You Can't Find a Job
At one time or another in our lives we have had to look for a job. Sometimes, at very difficult times.

The other day, on a visit to see the Virgen de Cuyucuenda , a lady in the village gave me a little plastic envelope containing 3 coins and some seeds,

Along with it was a picture of San Judas Tadeo on one side, and the Prayer to Find Work on the back.

She told me you are supposed to keep it in your billfold, and say the prayer each day for 9 days. She said it works.

My English translation isn't exact, but it conveys the right message. I hope it helps you find the job that's right for you.

I'm also looking for another project, and think maybe I'll give it a try for myself.

The Prayer to Find a Job
The Prayer to Find a Job
St. Jude, intercessor of all difficult problems,

Please find a job for me where I can feel fulfilled as a human being, and where I feel appreciated,

And that my family won't lack necessities in any aspect of our lives,

And that may I keep the job in spite of adverse circumstances and people.

That in it I may progress always improving my abilities, and enjoying health and strength.

And, from day to day, may I try to be useful to those around me.

I associate your intercession with the Holy Family, of which you are a relative, and promise to spread your devotion as an expression of my personal gratitude for your favors.


Amazing Results!
After 3 weeks of saying this prayer each day, I got a call from a project manager of a first class company in Houston, TX about a job that wasn't even listed!

I went in for the interview and found the people were nice, and they said they needed me. Now I'm am in the middle of a fast track hiring process for an excellent job on an exciting project! And, the job is just right for me!

The prayer sure worked for me! Maybe it'll work for you, too. You might give it a try. You've got nothing to lose.

You might let me know if it works for you.

"Escapulario" to San Judas Tadeo
Another Case
My son was having trouble in college chemistry and said a novena to San Judas Tadeo.

He told me the following week that he made a 94 on his last chemistry test, and I think he eventually made an A in the course.

I might add he also studied pretty hard, too.
"Escapulario" to San Judas Tadeo
About the "Escapulario"
My friend told me that "escapularios", like the one in the pictures, are a very ancient tradition.

Here in Veracruz, they are made by hand, and you can find them for sale in the little booths outside most of the churches.

They aren´t expensive and I bought this one in front of the Cathedral in Veracruz. My friend told me I should have with me all the time, so it is always with me.

My Own Publication
This is my own publication of this prayer in thanksgiving and in hopes that it may help you if you are in a time of need.

If you have had any personal miracles, and would like to share them here, send me an email to:

True Stories: Letters from Others
Although my mother passed away last year, since I was a child my mom was a strong believer of ST JUDE.

Last year was a difficult year for me , not only with my mom passing away, but my husband loosing his job after 15 years of employment.

My finances were very rough, I knew that the way the economy was and the homes were down instead of up, besides our income change of status, I knew we would not qualify to refinance our home and our property would be facing foreclosure.

I kept some things of my moms, and I knew in one of her purses in fact in her wallet that she carried a St JUDE card which had the novena in the back of the card. I was not quite sure how to go about it and how it worked, but my instincts were very positive as through the years my mom was a true believer of ST JUDE.

I called my aunt and asked her how to go about it as well as the research I did in the computer, I started the novena of nine days. Thank GOD he has such a powerful apostle, till this day my family and I are still in our home. The bank did a modification on our loan and lowered our payments so it could be affordable for the next two years, Which will buy us time so my husband will find a job. I know deep in my heart it was through GOD and ST JUDE that made this a miracle that our property did not foreclose.

Thank you for all who take the time to read this because ST Jude is TRUE.

San Jose Ca.

From Viridiana
I had an emergency due to my car that broke in a trip and I was traveling by myself.

I found a car shop but it didn't have an electrical mechanic that could fix my car's problem, they suggested me to go to another place but the mechanic there was too busy to attend me and he couldn't find what the problem was, I couldn't afford to stay more time that city were I didn't know anyone.

The mechanic had a figure of San Judas Tadeo to whom I asked to please help me and the mechanic to find the problem.

Minutes later the mechanic left aside all the work he had and began to focus in my car more than the others and hours later he found how to fix it.

I was able to continue my trip and I really felt that San Judas Tadeo listened to me and protected me.


From Christina
Hello John,

I wanted to share my miracle with you and your readers.

I was having problems with my husband he was always in a bad mood, he only called to yell at me (I am not saying I am perfect, but I thought he was overreacting, it takes two).

I prayed to San Judas and he answered my prayers. My husband is a different man, he is back to his old self. Thanks to San Judas.


From Jesús
Hola John, my name is Jesus I live in Austin, Tx now, but I was born in Mexico. The state is Aguascalientes the county is Calvillo and the little town is San Tadeo.

Just two days ago I had to call my mortgage company because I´m past due on my mortgage payments. I was afraid to make the call but I had to, so I went ahead and Googled "San Judas Tadeo and started the novena.

I made the call, and went over the income and the bills, etc. The person put me on hold for at least 5 minutes came back on the phone and told me, you are approved for a loan modification and for the next 3 months and I only have to make half of the payments that I was making before.

With the help of Jesus Christ and St. Jude I will not lose my house thanks a million! Please excuse the spelling.

Muchas gracias, PS I am so lucky that I was born in San Tadeo, Calvillo, Aguascalientes.

Austin, TX

From Patty
I wanted to mention two miracles that happened to my family.

My family has been living paycheck to paycheck, my husband's company froze their raises and bonuses. I lit a St. Jude candle on Sunday and prayed for a miracle to help us with a little help financially well, on Monday morning my husband got great news from his boss that he was getting a bonus of $1000.00 I was like oh my God!!

Also, my husband and I wanted to adopt a pug from a shelter I had called the shelter and asked how can we get him and they responded by saying it is first come first serve so on Saturday morning, my husband went to the shelter at 8:00am when the doors opened at 10:00am he was first in line and when he got to the counter the representative told him that there were two others requesting the same pug so there was going to be a raffle so the first come first serve was no longer effective. My husband called me immediately and explained the situation and he hung up. I decided to pray to St Jude and ten minutes later my husband called and told me he won the raffle.

I could not believe this, St. Jude does give hope and miracles when really needed. I am a true believer.


From Christian
Hi John,
I have been praying to St. Judas Tadeo for many years since I was a kid. He has not let me down once. Even the few times things turned out different than expected, the end result was always good and part of something larger.

I have carried him in my prayers every time I've had a major change in my life and have always passed his name to loved ones in need.

It´s touching to see your website dedicated to him. Thanks


From Yvonne
I have believed in St. Jude over the years and every time I would have a problem I would just pray and eventually everything would go back on track until some weeks ago I was so frustrated with all the problems that I was going against my beliefs towards St. Jude today that my mom told me to pray and to ask St Jude for help in all my problems and I did and it feels great to be protected.

I am going to do what I read in your letter and I'm going to pray with faith so all my problems can come to an end and my devotion towards St Jude could grow more.


My Answer to Yvonne
Thank you for sharing your experiences in faith with me. Sometimes, the same thing happens to me, and I always come back. I say the prayer each day, and sometimes my problems are solved quickly and others take a little longer, but in the end, it has always been for the best. I think you know what I mean.


From Yvonne
I'm so glad to get an answer from you. You know what after reading your page, praying and ask for forgiveness I feel much, more comfortable and capable of keeping up.

Sometimes I also think about it and I know San Judas has a lot of problems to resolve and it's hard to take care of all of them but my frustration that day didn't allow me to see clearly, and now I know that with faith and his protection I will be able to overcome all my problems.

Once again thank you!!!


From Nayeli
Hi John, Just wanted to share this miracle of life without you and the other believers. My husband and I were trying to have a baby for the past 3 months without any success. I went in your web site and I started the Novena on Dec the 3rd and by the 7th I was already pregnant.

San Judas Tadeo has always been known for his miracles.

Sent from my iPhone

From Me
Nayeli, Thank you so much for sharing your miracle story with me. Congratulations!

May I have your permission to publish your letter on the web site story. I will only use your first name to protect your anonymity.

Thank you for writing, and once again, Congratulations!


From Nayeli
Part of the Novena is to publish Saint Jude"s miracle on the 9th day.

San Judas Tadeo has never been known to fail. I Am so thankful for this miracle, that I will go take my baby to him when he is old enough. I will also take my baby on October the 28 for Saint Judas Anniversary!

Take Care John and Thanks for making your web site available to us.

Sent from my iPhone

Saved from a Hurricane!
Hi John:

I logged onto your site because my mom needs a special favor and asked me to pray to St. Jude for it. But that's not the reason behind my writing to you today.

Allow me to tell you that she is quite devout to him. She prays to him for everything (as well as to Our Lord Himself!). Something told me to write this note to you.

It was September 18, 1989. Hurricane Hugo hit the island of St. Croix. We used to have a house there; my sister and I grew up on this wonderful Caribbean island. Ever since I can remember, my mom has had a fairly large (25 in.) statute of St. Jude. Well, on this September day, Hurricane Hugo devastated our island. Its eye was over St. Croix for 8 long hours.

My mom tells me that she and my sister went to the middle of the house to pray and ride the storm out. She took the statute with her and sat in front of it all throughout the storm. I wasn't there; I was studying my Bachelor's degree in Puerto Rico. Well, my mom and my sister endured 8 hours of scary winds whistling all over and torrential rains pounding on the house. My mom remained in faithful communion with Our Lord and with St. Jude.

When all was said and done and they were able to go outside and assess the damages, they found one incredible fact- our house was the only one standing on our street and one of the handful with hardly any damage done to it across the entire island. Roofs were blown, cement houses were crumbled completely to the ground, shopping malls and other establishments sustained major damage, and my mom's house only suffered a superficial crack along one side. THAT'S IT. One of my neighbor's roof was face down on our yard and two trees showed evidence of the eye twisting and changing direction on top of our house.Those were great miracles indeed.

St. Jude Standing in the Doorway
Now, when my mom walked downstairs to see if anything had happened to our apartment that was attached to the house, she found a small 4" statute of St. Jude standing in the doorway. Where did it come from? We do not know. We only know two things: (1) on that frightful day, there is no question in our minds that St. Jude protected our house and my family's lives (there were 2 people dead and 80 injured on the island alone), and (2) the mysterious statute now has its home on my mom's altar. That little feathery light icon apparently rode the storm in front of that door!

By the way- Hugo was a category 5 storm but hit our island as a category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 140 mph. It killed 109 people along its path and was responsible for a total of 10 billion dollars in damage. When all was said and done, 90% of my beloved Caribbean island was destroyed. It was the worst storm in history to that point, surpassing the devastation Hurricane Andrew left in its path.

To walk away from this experience with one superficial crack along one wall and with our lives is simply amazing, especially after knowing that a roof landed in the yard. It is by the grace of God and the protection of St. Jude that nothing else happened to my family. I just wanted to share this ultra powerful experience with you in gratitude for what St. Jude has done for us and continues to do in our lives.

John, continue your good work! May God bless you and St. Jude keep guiding you to propagate his good name.


My Reply to Liza:
Thank you for sharing your amazing story with me. It is truly a miracle and I am wondering if you will allow me to publish it as on of the letter on my web site story. I think it will provide inspiration for many people who need faith right now. I will only sign your name as Liza, if that´s OK with you.

Thank you again for writing.


Liza´s Reply:
You are welcome! Yes, go ahead and put it on the site....

Remember I told you that my mother asked me to pray for something?

Well, He's at it again, making his miracles!

She's selling our childhood home in the island, the one where she rode out the storm in. She needed people to help her do some painting and minor work. She was not having much luck. Early morning, the day after I said my prayers to him, all of a sudden people started appearing.

People who do the work and did not know my mom was looking. She received amazing quotes for the jobs and honorable guys to do those jobs. She gladly paid to extend her visit to the island to get it all done!

She told me today, "Liza, I don't know what you did but it worked!"

I just said, "I prayed, just like you asked me too!" I then smiled because I knew in my heart that he did it again. :)

The Miracle of a New Husband

I was online looking for my St. Judas Tadeo prayers because I lost mine. I found your website and I would like to share my story with you.

I was a single mother for 5 years, and back in December 2008 I decided it was time for me to find a nice guy that will love me and will love my kids more than anything.

I started my novena ( nine days ) and exactly after nine days, I met the man who is now my husband. I asked St. Jude for someone who will love my kids, who will treat me right, and will take care of me and my kids well. My husband is so wonderful and is exactly like what I asked St. Judas Tadeo for.

A New Prayer
Also, my husband is fighting for custody of his kids and St. Judas Tadeo has been there for us, and everything is coming out so good. St. Judas Tadeo sent me my husband, and because of St. Judas Tadeo now my kids are happy. I have my San Judas Tadeo candle always on at my house.


A Miracle From Ruth
Hi John, I just found your web today. I really like it and wanted to share my miracles that St. Jude has done for me and my family.

A couple of years I meet my husband and he proposed to me, but all my family and his family live in Mexico. I was so excited about getting married that he decided to go get married in Mexico, but the problem was that my husband wasn´t a legal resident at the time, so we went and I prayed so much to St Jude to help us and for him to come back safe.

And, well he did. I made Him a promise that every time I would go to Mexico City I would visit Him at his church located at the outside of the Metro Hidalgo Station. So I promised him everytime I would visit my mom. I would go, but I would enter his church on my knees and I been doing that. It felt great because He has always been there for me and family.

To close this miracle, well He also helped my husband when he got his legal residence to be here in the United States. That´s the power of God and St. Jude I´m so proud of my beliefs.

Thank you John for your little space.


A Miracle of Reconciliation
I am wanting to publish my miracle My husband & me were separated for a while and we weren't able to meet half way to reconcile.

I lit the candle and prayed for us to come to a common ground and work out our differences and let go of past hurts and bitterness and after the first candle ended and I had lit the second he came home.

I believe in San Jude Tadeo and know through prayer and faith in God and him my marriage was brought back together.

Thank you- PML

Acceptance into Medical School
I would like to share my own miracle that has happened thanks to my prayers to San Judas Tadeo. I had not known about this prayer until my grandmother told me about it.

Last Sunday we went to our church and she purchased a candle with his picture on it and we lit it and prayed. That was the beginning of my 9 days of praying.

I have been hoping to get into medical school this fall and I have had many interviews but no acceptances. I felt that after being placed on so many waiting lists I would have to wait another year.

News of my dream school was to come last week and on the third day of praying I received the most wonderful news! Not only did I get accepted to a school that would keep me close to my loved ones, but today I received notice that the school will be covering half of my tuition!

I know I must thank God and San Judas Tadeo, and if you could please add this message to your site so that others can know and believe.

Thank you for creating this site. I have been using it to recite my prayers.


The Love of My Life

My miracle happened! I got the love of my life back, right on the 40th day. I believe in miracles. Thank you, St. Jude


A Simple Thank You to Saint Judas
I am a believer of Saint Judas, I love the prayer, and would like to give thanks for all the help, not only recently, but through the years.

He is wonderful. Please, can you just publish that.



Help with a Car Problem
My family and I were having problems getting our van out from a body shop that this man was hustling us. I didn't know what to do and my mom was all worried because this man was asking for $2,000 to get our van out. He told us to leave his shop and for my dad to come talk to him.

So my mom and I went back home. When I was sitting in the kitchen table and looked up and in front of me where my mom had a plate of St. Jude. So I quickly prayed and asked for his help. I knew he would be the one to help us with this problem since he helped me get through a tough situation before my high school graduation.

Well, I prayed and told my mom that I had faith in him and that he would help us get our van back. So in a couple of hours we received a phone call from that man that he was sorry for everything and we could go back and pick up the van from the body shop for only $250.

At that I just smiled at looked at my mom and told her I told you so.

I have faith in him and he does do miracles. When you are going through a tough time and you don't have no-one else to turn to you can always count on St. Jude.


I Would Love for Everyone to Read about my Miracle
Hello John
I wanted to thank you for having this web site, I really believe that because of my prayers to St Jude my husband and I will be ok.

Two weeks ago my husband was sent to jail and accused of many bogus charges, stuff that was totally outrageous and not true. My husband was facing a few years in prison, large fines including losing his job in the military.

There was not much I could do for him because we didn't have the money to bail him and out of desperation I started searching the Internet for help and I came across this site. I read people´s testimonies and I knew that this site was put here for me.

I prayed to St Jude to help my husband, and in a few days everything cleared up, my husband was out of jail, he didn't lose his job and we did not have to pay any fines.

I believe that this miracle happened because of my prayers to St Jude. Since this incident I am now a big believer and I'm very thankful to have found St Jude.

Thank you and God Bless you


I've Been a Believer of St Jude for Several Years...
I've been a believer of St Jude for several years, thanks to him I graduated from D.H school, and got the job that I wanted against all odds, and obstacles that almost made me quit school.

I graduated in a timely fashion and with flying colors as one of the best ever in that program!

I am forever in debt with GOD and St. Jude because thanks to that career and job I'm able to help my family

Thank you very much!

and thanks to you too for such a wonderful website.


From Santos




A Financial Dilemma
Hello John,

I wanted to share with you a petition that I have been praying for. I have been in a financial dilemma for a while and I have been asking San Judas for a help.

Today I finally received a call that I have been waiting for with good news. I feel that San Judas always with me as my protector as he was to my mother.

My mother believed very strongly in his help at when she was ill she prayed to him everyday. Unfortunately she could not be cured and passed away Jan. 8,2010.

Sincerely Yours,


Help with 2 Problems
Dear John,

Thank you for your website.

I have asked for San Judas Tadeo's help in 2 things:

First, to help my husband pass a very difficult computer test, and second, for a complete reconciliation of my marriage.

I happy to share that my husband passed his test. Thank you San Judas!

I will continue my novena for reconciliation of my marriage with faith all will be resolved.

You have my permission to post this message.

Thank you again,
New York

Saint Judas, I can't find the words to say how thankful I am. You have always helped me in my prayer.

Sergio and I are together. Thank you for letting my prayers be yours..

I felt alone, but you were there with me the whole step of the way...

I continue to pray so that he will bless us our whole life so that we can serve God together with you..!!

Thank you Saint Judas..


Almost Kidnapped!
Hi, my name is Julio.
I live in Mexico, and I was almost kidnapped in March. A bunch of bad guys passed to my business looking for me, but I wasn't there at that moment. I saw that in my cameras and I decided not to go there, and closed my business for months! They continued passing and checking.

Finally one day I found this prayer, and I did it for many weeks, and the bad guys disappeared. Now I've re-opened my business and I'm working free and feeling safe!

Thank you San Judas Tadeo! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Today is October 28th!



I would love to share my story about St. Judas Tadeo
Dear John,
I would love to share my story about St. Judas Tadeo, and would love if you can share it in your website.

I have always been a firm believer in the Virgin Mary and I always asked her for favours, She has interceded for me so that I could be with the love of my life (my husband), and she has given me lots of blessings.

Recently, I faced a situation and asked the virgin and also St. Judas for his help. My aunt had told me that I needed to pray to St. Judas for the favour I needed.

We live in the US and two years ago my husband got a really good job in the UK at a prestigious institution. I kept my job in the US and we would both fly back and forth because his job was temporary. In 2010, our daughter was born and I came to the UK for my maternity leave.

We realized that we needed to be in the same place for the benefit of our daughter and the well being of our relationship. His job kept getting extended. I loved my job so much that I was devastated to leave but started looking for possible jobs. All the interviews I got were very far away from where my husband stays so those were not an option.

An opening came up at his institution and I applied. We both thought we would not get in. We were already lucky he had gotten a job there but were not confident that I would also be able to.

I started praying to St. Judas since my aunt had sent me his prayer and I had it archived somewhere. I prayed to St. Judas and prayed the rosary with such a devotion that I got the job. We were so amazed. Given my background I never thought I would be able to get the job.

Not only that, my employer in the US granted me a one year non-paid leave. They knew my situation and therefore allowed me to try it out here in the UK for this year. I miss them terribly but I am also happy our little family is together at last and this new job is also a great opportunity. At the end of this year we will know if we go back to the US or stay here. St. Judas granted me this huge favour.

Right now I have another situation I am facing and I am praying to him every day. I am in need of his help. Sometimes I feel greedy because I have been so blessed and I have received so much and yet, I keep asking! However, I do need him to intercede for me and help me with this.

I am trying to always be a better person and thankful for all that I have received. I do not take any of my blessings for granted. I will let you know about this new favour I am asking for later on but I know St. Judas knows I am coming from a good place and need his help.

I do hope to regain strength and I am committed to spread devotion to him. I also ask him and the virgin to show me the path to help others making use of all those gifts they have given to me.

Please share my story and let all know how wonderful the power of prayer is. St. Judas, thank you!


A Prayer for a Job
I had been looking for a job for 3 weeks, gone on several interviews and nothing...

I bought San Judas a candle and immediately felt a sense of peace..

2 days after lighting it, and praying nightly I received an offer letter and started that same week! I now have a better job than before and it's all thanks to God and San Judas!

Thanks so much for starting this website...


A Prayer for a Complicated Problem
I have prayed to St. Jude several times. The three miracles I would like to share with you are when me and my husband were looking for housing. At the time we were living with his parents and they were going through difficult times. My father-in-law left the home for reasons unknown, but he was going through a though mental time and within days we received an eviction notice. I am not sure the reason why I was young at the time and my in-laws handled the bills.

At the time the only income was coming from my husband and myself, since my father-in-law had left. It was my mother-in-law, my 3 young sister-in-laws, our year old nephew. My husband and I had bad credit and we had never rented a home. We needed to find a place within 2 weeks so I prayed the novena for nine consecutive days on the eight day we received a call to an approval for a 4-bedroom house which was much needed, since we lived in a 3-bedroom house and needed more space.

We lived in that home for about a year, but then we received a 30-day notice to move since the owner's of the rental property were losing their home and they needed to move into the home they were renting us. At the time I was pregnant with my first child, my father-in-law had returned, he was only gone for about 3 months, but he still had not found a job, and once again the only income was that of mine and my husband. So we were on the search again for a new rental home to stay in, I prayed the St. Jude novena and my prayers were answered. We found a nice home where we could raise our son for a little while.

We lived in that home for about 2 years and then we were lucky enough to have the ability to purchase a home. We searched for months on end and all our offers kept getting topped. At the time I was pregnant with our second son and it just seemed like we would never find a place to call our own. So I prayed to St. Jude and within those nine days one of our offers was accepted for one of our top choices in a home. Our family was so happy to be moving into something that we would own.

During all these changes our family grew apart even though we lived within the same home. One of my sister in laws moved out, the other now had her own little family unit, and my mother and father in law still live with us, along with my youngest sister in law. Recently one of my sister in laws passed away she was going through some trying times in her relationship and she was in a deadly car accident.

It was unexpected and a tough blow to the family... I thought sharing our pain and helping heal together would help bring us closer together, but it has only divided us more and brought more pain and trying times to this family. We are at our wits end and the case of this family seems hopeless.

I will pray to St. Jude because he is the patron of hopeless and impossible cases. I know that with God all things are possible so I cannot lose faith. Only this time I will pray it during 40 consecutive days and 9 consecutive Tuesdays. I have faith and I pray that St. Jude will come to our aid.

So that we may all heal from the pain of losing our beloved sister, heal from the pain of our past and the pain of our sins. So that our faith may grow, and that we can be the strong amazing family my sister-in-law, may she rest in peace, always knew we could be. I know this family can do great things and do good deeds in God's name. I pray to St. Jude so that we can be a true testimony that the impossible is possible! St. Jude is true, and God never leaves our side I have faith that everything will be better than ever because God wants us to live, and live more abundantly in happiness, joy, and communion!


Putting the Pieces Back Together
Hello John,
Sorry it took me so long to get bad to you my computer has been broken, but you have my permission to publish my story it would be an honor and I will keep you posted on my current prayers.

I pray that this family will wake up soon and break the chains that bind us to unhappiness and sin... I know their hearts are pure but we need to find our way back to eachother...

I need St. Jude to help us put the pieces back together...

Thank You,


Blessings from San Judas Tadeo
Hi John,
Saint Judas has blessed me so much and prayed for me so much that I will never be able to thank him enough.

I remember I couldn't find a job and I prayed that he helped me. Two weeks later I had a full time job! That helped me gather some more money for my wedding. Then I found myself stuck in big bills, BIG ones. I prayed that he helped me find a way to pay these bills, that I admitted it was my fault but that I really needed help and will never do this again. A few days later my mom offered to help with her credit card.

I asked him that if he could help me in anyone that it would be amazing but if possible to help me sell my bedroom and tread mill. But instead my mom offered me her credit card, a friend of hers even gave us as a gift of 200 dollars and my mother even told me she would buy my tread mill. I didnt sell our bedroom, even though my husband and I were willing to sleep with just the matress on the floor and all of our clothes in bags.

Jesus had compassion of us, he didnt want our bedroom sold, a bedroom that my dear husband fought to buy me so much and worked so hard for, just because I liked it so much. God Bless...


A New Job for her Husband
For years I have had a picture with the prayer to San Judas (a prayer bookmark). On the front of it said October 28.

Since I had the card since I was a small child, I thought it was meant to protect me in difficult times since I was born on October 28 also. Well, it has never failed me. I am not big on praying for problems to go away, but to always have the strength to handle them.

However, recently I saw no hope for me to do much about my husband's unemployment and in a desperate cry, I pleaded for help on bended knee in a moment alone. Later that night I started saying the prayer again without thinking about what I wanted, but with a need to talk about the problem. Within three days, my husband had a new job.

Thank you for letting the rest of those in search for information about San Judas help know our stories.

On another note, it has been one of three items that remain with me since leaving communist Cuba over 40 years ago as a child.

The prayer bookmark, a doll, and the dress I wore when I arrived in the United States as a political refugee with less than a suitcase .


A Boyfriend Returns and a New Relationship Begins
Hi my name is Nancy,
I am a firm believer of San Judas Tadeo and I have been ever since I asked him for a miracle 2 years ago and answered my prayers. I knew that I could always count on him for any hardships that would cross my path.

I recently went through a very bad breakup with my boyfriend and I didn’t think that there would be any hope for us getting back together again. I started the prayer for San Judas Tadeo and 25 days later I received a miracle.

My prayers had been answered, and my boyfriend came back to my life with forgiveness in his heart and we both decided to let go of the past and move forward together once again. Now I feel that our relationship is stronger than ever. I am once again in love and I have San Judas to thank for bringing us back together.

When you put your faith in a saint and and ask for anything with all your heart and soul into it, miracles do happen!!!!!


A Husband and Family Pressures
Hi John
I would like to Thank St Jude for the miracle of my marriage and pray that he continues to bless everyone.

My husband and I met through the church marriage counsel and we liked each other. However even though we wanted to take it ahead, family pressures were not working for us.

Even till day I will always remember that one noon due to some pressures he messaged me that he loves me a lot, but may not be able to take this ahead. I knew he did it because he loved his family so much, but I loved him dearly.

I logged on to the internet and started hunting for St Jude prayers. I prayed this all noon and kept weeping.

Then in the evening he called up and said he is coming home with his family to speak about our marriage. He came home they discussed and things were almost kind of fixed. I continued to pray to St Jude and today with the blessings of Jesus Mother Mary and St. Jude we are married. I have a lovely Family.

I continue to pray for his grace and blessings. Now, I am in need of a favour and am praying that he grants that favour. I will keep you posted on that.


Letters from Pablo
October 11, 2011
Hi John
I just finished reading all the testimonies on your website. I have a lot of situations I want to pray for: I need a job, I am in the middle of several crises (financial problems, the woman I love broke our relationship without explanation, etc). Right at this moment, 12:04 PM, 10 Oct 2011, I am going to start the novena to St. Judas Tadeo. I will get back to you on the 19th of Oct to share with you and with all of those who visit your website..

May God and the Virgin Mary bless you and your family.


Pablo, you are on the right track! Let me know how it works out and I'll publish your letters on my web site.


Gracias John.

I definitely will let you know. I am 100% confident that I will be assisted by St. Judas.

Take care of yourself..

May 25, 2012
Saludos John!

I told you that I was going to write you back with my testimony. I started the "novena" on 10 May 2011. I made a long list of things for St. Jude's intercession. Among them: a job and a college degree. I never lost hope despite the fact that eight months had elapsed. My Lord Jesus Christ began granting me great favors. On 8 December 2011, I received a certificate of eligibility from Veteran's Affairs indicating that I have 27 months of full time benefits under de Post 9/11 GI Bill. On 19 March 2012 I was hired as a private contractor, with a salary of $20.10 per hour. Besides, my niece was healed of some type of cancer. I praise and bless the Lord for his immense and infinite mercy. I will continue to do the novena.


August 2, 2012

Hi John!

I just wanted to share with you that, after persevering in prayer, I have received, with the intersession of St. Jude, a very well-paid job. ($20.00 per hour). I also received the benefits of the "Post 911 GI Bill" and I have been able to start going to college and receive the degree I have been wishing for all my life. Degree I couldn't get in the past because lack of money.

I thank God for these great gifts I have received through the intersession of St. Jude.

Best regards;


From Nadia
Dear John,
I would like to share the miracle that San Judas Tadeo did for me.

My husband was in need of a job for a long time (we really needed it) and after asking and praying to San Judas Tadeo to help us,and to intervene for us to God, he got a great job and well paid.

After this we needed to find an apartment and he also helped us.

I write because I promised him I would let people know how miraculous he is.

Thank you


Mi Milagro Recivido
Quiero compartir mi milagro.

Mi hijo estuvo involucrado en un accidente vehicular muy fuerte con situaciones que lo iban a poner en la carcel, por que fue culpa de el. Le pego a un caro, se asustó tanto que siguió conduciendo y terminó en un arbol estampado.

Se lo llevo la ambulancia al hospital junto con las 2 personas que iban con el (uno de ellos un menor)llegamos al hospital y los policias nisiquiera nos dejaron verlo, pues lo tenian custodiado.

Salieron del cuarto para decirnos a mi esposo y a mi que tan pronto terminaran de examinarlo se lo iban a llevar detenido, mi esposo les rogó que concideraran en darle una oportunidad si les era posible por que era un muchacho bueno en el lugar equivocado y rotundamente le dijeron que no.

Yo muerta en llanto y con una deseperacion que jamas habia sentido, me puse a orarle a San Juditas Tadeo con todo el fervor del mundo y verdaderamente obrado por el milagro uno de los policias salio y nos dijo que le hivan a dar una oportunidad al muchacho pero que tenia que cumplir con los requerimientos de la corte, cai de rodillas agradeciendole etrnamente a San Judas Tadeo y hasta el dia de hoy no dejo de comentar este dia milagroso.

Por supuesto que tiene todo mi permiso para publicarla! Desde ese dia he pasado la voz y me reparto la imagen de San Juditas a quien lo nesesite. Gracias por tomarse el tiempo de contestar mi mensaje.

Que San Juditas Tadeo lo cuide y proteja siempre!


All Hope was Lost with a Stubborn Ex
Hi John,
Just want to say thanks. I was looking up information regarding San Judas Tadeo and found your page to be the most helpful.

I read every single testimony you posted and it just gave me that much more confidence to try the prayer and to my worked!

About a month, ago my daughter and I decided we wanted to move out of state for several great reasons...only problem I faced was my ex, her father. He left us as soon as she was born and didn't think twice about turning his back on his first born.

So, I thought maybe he'd be mature enough to be ok with it since they are not close. When I mentioned my wanting to relocate to another state and why, he didn't care to listen to my reasons. All he said was "your not taking my daughter" and the threats began.

I consulted with an attorney who was very re-assuring but it was extremely costly for me. My heart just stopped and I thought there was nothing I could do but fight in court, which was our only option.

My daughter was very hurt by his response, but I assured her it would be ok.

I remembered a friend of mine telling me about her experience with the prayer so I looked it up. I thought if it had worked for her and all these other people there is no harm in putting my faith in him and I did.

I began the prayer that same night and the next day I received a text from my ex saying he needed to talk to me.

We played phone tag till the following day. When we finally got to talk I was nervous, didn't want to hear his threats anymore.

To my surprise he was a completely changed person. He was calm and friendly. He asked for me to please explain again why I wanted to move,... and this time he listened.

I was shocked and was so very happy to hear him say he was ok with it, and that he didn't want to fight. He even thanked me for letting her go see him during some holidays and vacations.

That following Monday my daughter and I moved. It was quite fast, yes, but we are now here trying to settle ourselves in, and are extremely thankful and happy.

The prayer has helped me from one day to the next. It is amazing! Something I will never forget.

Please sign me as "Forever Grateful.

My Reply to Norma
Hi Norma,
Thank you for sharing your remarkable story! I am truly amazed! It seems when all hope is lost and you begin to pray for help, it's when miracles begin to happen.

Two More Miracles
Hello John,
I just wanted to Thank you so much for this wonderful web page you have. I found it when searching for St Judas because my mother asked me to pray to him in a matter I had. I used both Prayers on your page to one win a case I had with unemployment and to find a new Job.

I am pleased to say that I won the case and found a Job a week before my unemployment benefits were coming to an end I want to say two weeks after saying the job prayer I was called for the current job I am in now.

Thank you to both you and St. Judas!!


A Second Request for a Friend
Good Morning John,
Currently, I am also saying the prayer for a friend I have that needs a kidney transplant.

I gave her your web site and asked she pray for the 40 days. She is currently praying and so am I. She has been on a waiting list for a few years now.

Thank you again!


My Reply
Thank you, Liz. Please let us know what happens with your friend's prayer. She will be in my prayers.

The Perfect Job!
Hello John,
I would like to share my story about how San Juditas helped me when I was in need. I have always believed in him and anytime I'm in need, I pray and go to him.

Not too long ago, I moved back to my home town and needed to find a job as soon as possible. I wanted something different, and so I started searching on-line for the perfect job that would pay good and where I would be happy.

I started praying the novena to St. Jude and started praying the prayers you have on your website. I started the novena on Sep. 25, and by Sep. 28, I received a call for an interview with the employer I wanted to work for. I continued to pray every day.

I went to the first interview, and then the second and then I received the call that I was selected for the position I had applied for. I was the second person to be hired from outside of the company for that position. They had always hired from within because the position requires knowledge in that particular field.

They also offered me the salary I was expecting. I am very blessed and feel very happy to be working where I'm at. I knew I could count on St. Jude for my miracle.

I am now praying to him on a couple of other things I need help with. I will email you and let you know when he performs my miracles again. I am forever thankful to St. Jude, and thank you for having your page available to everyone. You are doing a great job.

You have my permission to publish my story.

Thank you,


Not One, but Two Perfect Jobs!
Dear John,
I discovered your site at a terrible time in my life. My PhD funding had come to an end, and I could not see any other way out. St Jude has often helped me in my life, but circumstances seemed so desperate that I was losing hope.

I prayed using the prayers on your site, and I found not one, but two jobs, that I would not have dreamt of.

I would like to thank him, and you for putting the prayers up on your site. Please feel free to use this testimony on your site.

S. Francis

My Life is Now in Order
I'm writing to share my story with Saint Judas, and how he set my life into order. I came across this website when everything in my life was going wrong and horrific.

I was constantly crying because I felt like my life was going nowhere. I had no money and no way to pay my bills, or buy anything I needed. My current job paying minimum wage was my only income. I had almost noone to give me comfort. I felt lonely and full of anguish.

After reading everyone else's story I felt motivated to seek Saint Judas assistance, I felt confident that he would help me. I went out and purchased the candle and started my prayers. Exceptionally soon after, like 2-3 days, things started to look better.

It's been about 2-3 weeks and I praise God, many times a day, that Saint Judas intervened and saved me from a life of misery.

My parents are helping me pay my bills now, I have a job interview tomorrow for a good paying job. I have close friends and family that I confide in that gives me moral support. Everything in every department of life is falling into place for me. I couldn't wait for this day to send to this website my story of how Saint Judas truly is God sent.

I know more good things are to come into my life, but I feel I need to share my experience now, in hopes that it will inspire others who feel despaired in their life to seek Saint Judas' assistance when all hope seems lost.


A Miracle on the 40th Day
Our family had been on a waiting list for an apartment for 3yrs for low income families. My husband had very little work and we were going through a hard time. We didn't have enough money for the rent and bills.

We started praying the novenaria to San Juditas Tadeo, and continued to pray it for 40 days. And to prove that San Juditas Tadeo is very miraculous on the 40th day we signed the lease to our apartment.

So, now, we decided to pray another 40 days to give Him thanks for our blessing.

The Ramirez family

Thank you so much for sharing your miracle! I would like to ask that you allow me to publish it on my web site about San Judas Tadeo. I think it would be an inspiration for others who have similar problems and need faith and hope. To protect your anonymity, I would only sign it "The Ramirez Family"

Thank you again for sharing your remarkable story.

Mr. John,
You have our permision to publish our letter. We have been touched with all the stories and we have no doubt that San Juditas Tadeo is very miraculous. We will be grateful for publishing it.

Thank you.

The Ramirez family

Protection and Miracles in Texas
Dear John,
I want to thank you for this beautiful website. I found it very helpful when I needed help.

I want to publish this letter of Thanks so that everyone out there can grow in faith with St Jude. I have known St. Jude since about ten years ago. We went to visit Our Lady of San Juan del Valle in San Juan, Texas, and we were told that there was a beautiful St Jude church in Pharr, Texas so we decided to go.

When I was there I felt this peace inside me that I could not resist. It was a beautiful feeling. Ever since then I have prayed to St Jude constantly and all my prayers have been granted.

One of the biggest problems we had was when one of our properties was about to be foreclosed. I did the novena and asked St. Jude for his intercession to Pray for me to God and help us sell this house. Within a couple of days we heard from the realtor that there was a buyer. We never met the buyer nor heard from him. House was sold.

It was a miracle. I also prayed the novena to St Jude to help us built our house and Thanks to God and St. Jude we have a home. St. Jude has never failed in answering my prayers.

I could go on and on. He is powerful and he is our protector.

Right now we are going through some issues with my husband and his job, but I know for a fact that everything is going to be just fine because I have St Jude with me everyday.

I give you Thanks, St Jude, in Jesus name, Amen


Help with a New Job!
Hello John,

I started to pray to San Judas, because I was in a terrible job situation and was not sure how to let them know I no longer wanted to work for them.

On the eight day I was hurt on the job (not too bad, was able to recover in a few days). But this gave me the chance to let them know I was unable to go back to work for them. I then did the prayer again and nine days later, I was working again and making more money than I made in my old job. The power of prayer is so wonderful.

I have since again did the prayer and asked for a better relationship between one of my daughters and myself. This one is still a work in progress!

Thank you,

J. B.

I have never done this before, so I am just now learning how to say thank you San Judas for Prayers Answered. I am going through a difficult time with a Divorce and have not been able to visit with my children very much.

I have Prayed for help to San Judas with this, and have finally gotten some very good visitation with our children.

Thank you San Judas, I am Grateful. Also, I have been praying to San Judas for work, and Thank God this has held steady in spite of some serious cutbacks.

I am Grateful for all of your Help San Judas, and even though I am Not a Catholic, these Prayers have Helped me Immensely.


I am a Miracle of San Judas
Hi John
I am a miracle of San Judas.

My mom was told she could not have children and prayed to San Judas. One month later, she was pregnant with me. I have always prayed to him and he has always helped me in every situation through out my life.

My middle name is Judith because of Him. I thank Him every day because He always protects us. I am alive because of San Judas!


Help with Husband with a Drinking Habit
Hello, I too had the amazing miracle of Saint Jude..

For a few years now, I did not know who to turn to for help..

It just seemed impossible for me to get any help. Till one day I went on line and started searching for some sort of help..I found Saint Jude.

I read all the miracles he was doing for people that were in desperate need like I was.

My daughter and I started praying and praying... For my Husband.. My husband had a very bad habit..It was drinking..

He would drink and drink, and did not know when to stop.. While drunk he would get so mad at me and would be so mean to me, and start verbally abusing me mentally. At times he would put his hands on me..

So we started praying asking Saint Jude to please help my husband with his drinking..

About two weeks into my prayers I started seeing a difference in him..He was changing his ways.. His drinking and anger was slowly stopping..We continued to pray for him..

Now we are in our 46 day of praying and things are much better...

Saint Jude is our Savior, and I can't ever thank Him enough for all He has done....


A Miracle at Christmas
Good afternoon,

I need to share this and let everyone know that San Judas does do miracles. I have always praised him and he has done so much.

Three week before Christmas I began to say the prayer every day, and I asked that my kids will have everthing that they want for Christmas due to my husband work was slow and I had just started a new job.

Within 2 weeks my huband had gone to the game room and won $3,000.00. We were happy to know that my 2 sons and my daughter will get presents that year and pay back bills that we have owed as well. Just wanted to say is all you have to do is have faith.

Can you please place this in you web page.

Thank you.


My Personal Story
Dear John,
I was sick the past few weeks.

I did not feel like myself and kept wondering if I was eventually going to get better. I took off from my work for about two weeks because I was in no condition, both mentally and physically to go back to work.

I began to pray to St.Jude every day to help me get back to my normal self and recover from my sickness. It has been a slow and steady process, but I feel as if my strength has regained and I am recovering.

I am extremely thankful, or grateful towards St. Jude for answering my prayers. Faith and love allows anything to be possible.

I still continue to pray to St. Jude for helping me through this challenging part in my life, and so I wanted to share my devotion. I know that I can always count on Him.



It Started with a Candle in a Store
Dear John,
A few months ago I 'met' San Judas for the first time. It was a candle in a store and it immediately caught my attention since I was in desperate need of emotional help.

Since I'm not a Catholic, I've searched websites (yours!) to read more about San Judas. This got me inspired because, apparently, help was on the way.

I bought three candles and start praying. I can't really explain, but I felt different, lighter. I'm still not there, and it's gonna take a while, but I 've noticed some changes in me already.

San Judas, I THANK YOU for the changes that are taking place in my life right now, and for all the good changes still to come! I feel your presence and your help.

Thank you John for your website. I'm looking forward to read some 'new' miracles on your site soon.

Kind Regards,


P.S. These were seven days candles. Everybody on the site talks about nine days... Where can I order the nine days candle?
Would you please publish my story?

Trishia, Here it is! Thank you for sharing your story. The important thing is that you feel better now than when you started the prayer, and that's what truly counts!

Sorry, but I don't know anything about candles. I would go find a Catholic church and look for their little story nearby. The people there can probably explain more about the candles.


A Short Note from Maria
Dear John,
Hello my name is Maria, and I have been praying to Judas Tadeo for the past year and 4 months and cannot start to tell you how my life had changed. It is not just one miracle but a number of things that Saint Judas Tadeo has answered my prayers, too. I have gotten closer to God and my faith had grown.

I thank you this site because its has been of great help for me and my family.


A Great Job!
My name is Rosemary and I'm so happy I came across your prayers.

I've been having the worst luck with work the past few years.

On May 9 2013, I went to apply for a job that I wanted and the most incredible thing happened. The owner hired me on the spot, I couldn't believe it. Good pay, and I enjoy my position very much.

Thank you San Jude for answering my prayer. AMazing...


Getting Through a Tough Divorce
Hi John,
My Divorce was Final Today. She did not even show up in Court. I get to keep the House and My Business and she got the kids and child support. She did get quite a bit of the Things in the House, but I keep the house.

I want to Thank San Judas Tadeo as Required and because I want to give thanks for the Answers to my Prayers to him. I did get decent Visitation also. I am going to continue to Pray for My Children to come Home to stay with me Permanently with her having Visitation.

I Honestly believe that this is what is Best for the Kids or I would not do it. They feel Safe and Loved with me and they do not have that at their Mother's. They have told me this many times.

So, all of the prayers have not been answered yet, but majority have been answered Completely and I am Very Grateful to San Judas, Jesus and God for this. Very.

Can you help me to post this on that Page for San Judas Please John. I Truly am Grateful and want to share that with Others that they may see the goodness in Prayer to Him.


A Miracle Baby
Hi John,
I began praying to San Judas (with the help of your website) for a friend who was in the hospital.

She was 22 weeks pregnant when she went in with contractions, she had already lost her 1st baby at 22 weeks, so they kept her in the hospital on bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy.

I prayed that her baby stay in the womb until she could be born strong enough to survive and live a long, healthy, happy life.

Well, my friend Marcela was able to stay in the hospital without delivering for 12 weeks! Her baby girl was born yesterday at 34 weeks, still premature and they are watching her in the NICU. She weighed 4 1/2 lbs, and they believe she will be fine!

Thank you John, for your beautiful website, and for helping my family to have faith and hope! I continue to pray for my other personal affairs, and I will let you know the outcome.


Thank you to San Judas
I am a believer in San Judas and the prayer. I just wanted to say thank you to him for helping me with a personal issue recently. I said the prayer every day for a little over a month, and today he answered it. I am so very grateful.

Could you please publish this?

Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it.


Grateful for Healing a Marriage
Good morning,
I came across your web page and was amazed by all the stories I read. I have always believed in God but never had prayed and put my full faith to a saint. I was in desperate need and decided to try it out for myself.

My husband and I were having severe problems; constant arguing and disagreements. I prayed and asked San Judas to please give me the strength to walk away from this relationship and move on with my life or help bring my marriage back together if it was meant to be. I could not take the stress anymore.

I prayed everyday, at work during my lunch or as soon as I had the alone time where I can speak to San Judas and gather my thoughts. On the 9th day, me and my husband started taking little steps in fixing our marriage. It was still difficult in the beginning, but with baby steps, we have come a long way and I am so happy to say that we are doing better than we have in a very long time. I am so grateful.

I am currently having difficulties at my work place and would love to find another job. So I will keep you updated on that situation.

I would like to thank you for this web page because I know that if I would have never came across it, my mind would not have been as open to praying to San Judas, you have done an amazing thing. Please share my story,I hope all others have found the help and support they need through San Judas.


Praying for Pregnancy
Dear John,
Thank you so much for posting this prayer!

My aunt from Mexico mentioned San Judas to my mother because I have been wanting to get pregnant. My husband and I were losing all hope and I started praying for 40 days and this week it's been confirmed we are expecting!

Faith goes a long way and it is definitely heard!


A Solution to Financial Troubles
Dear John,
San Judas answered my prayer in resolving a financial issue of a client. I prayed for 6 days and finally the IRS was willing to help me resolve his issue. I am so grateful for his help because it was so stressful.


A Big Emergency
Dear John,
I need the prayer of San Judas of 40 days. I have a very big emergency.


Thank you for sharing your distress with me. Sometimes when we are in a crisis we are unable to see that God and the Saints are close to us and with us during our crisis. Please remember that we are not alone during our times of troubles, and angels will come to help us just at the right time.

It is a time when we lose friends who were not really our friends, and new ones who we never thought were our friends come to help us. During crises is when you begin to see miracles happen. So, now is not the time to give up. I have been through my share of crises, and have weathered the storms by flying by the instruments like the prayers to San Judas Tadeo. Keep up your courage and stay close to people who nourish your faith.

You will be in my prayers.


Later Maria wrote:

Thanks. He didn't loose his job. Everything came out in his favor thanks to San Judas.

Please post my miracle

A Prayer for a Job
Dear John,
I've been praying to St. Jude and finally he had answered my prayers. I finally got a job after so many months of suffering...
For me, St. Jude is one of my angels.



Free from Pain After 2 Days
please post this my sister was able to 2 weeks ago she started 40 day prayer she is walking now
Thank you for sharing the good news about your sister. Please tell me a little more about what happened so that it can be shared on the web site.

Thank you.


She was in pain for 2 days couldn't walk she started the prayer and two days later she was walking there is nothing wrong with her.


A Marriage Saved
I been married for over 23 years. I am disable since I was born. My husband met me with my disability.

Since last year I had a issue with my husband asking me for the divorce. It was really sad for me. I felt as if the world was ending. But thank God one of my friends told me about San Judas the novena.

So I started praying it for 40 days and I saw a difference in my husband. The way he started treating me. Life really change around me. I really thank God and San Judas for my marriage.


P.S. Since this moment I pray to St Jude for any difficult problem in my life or in anyone else life.

Cancer in Remission
Is it possible that you can put a thanks to Saint Judas Tadeo on your Site for me? I want to thank Him Publically and am really not sure how to do that.

I Honestly Believe that the Prayers I have said to him have been answered by God Himself and have a Great desire to express my Gratitude to him and for that.

I have prayed every day 9 times and often more for a "Complete and Full Cure of the Cancer that is in me and to minimize the side effects of the treatment process so that I can complete the treatment as I have and be Healed".

These prayers have been answered and I want to share that with others.

Thank you John and I am Praying for your son and family too now.

John R.

Not Losing my Belongings from Storage
I found your site and had never prayed to St. Jude before, and have had shaky faith to say the least more often than I would like, but I was truly desperate and I want to publish my story as I said I would in the prayer.

To make a long story short, I was very, very close to losing all my belongings that have been in storage for quite some time. There is a lot to the story and a lot of drama, which I won't go into, but a miracle did happen.

Some expenses were miraculously not charged and I had enough (barely, but still) to pay the bills. And it truly was a miracle- I should have had to pay those expenses and was given a miraculous reprieve quite literally out of thin air and without my initiating anything surrounding it.

Thank you for your site, and many, many thanks and praise, of course, to St. Jude-


Finding a Good Job!
thanks for sharing these w us.i do have a miracle that saint jude helped me with my husband'was allways waiting for a job that he allways talked o bout. And I prayed to Saint jude for hem and they called hem 3 week s ago.from that place that he allways wanted.

thanks saint jude.


Thank you St. Judas Tadeu
My name is Ana, and would like to thank St. Judas Tadeo for his miracle in my job.

I was having a really difficult negotiation in course and I asked St. Judas Tadeu to help me in having it complete with success, and he help em to have it done successfully.

I am so thankful for this miracle, thank you St. Judas Tadeu. I have faith in you and I will proclaim your miracle to everyone that is in need.

Thank you again



A Beautiful House
Dear John,
Your email 4 years ago helped me a lot. We found the most beautiful hause 3 years ago... Yes its true that when we say the prayer, eventually we recieve something better than what we prayed for.

Once again a big Thank you.

Yours Sincerly


Help with a Promotion and a Difficult time with a Boyfriend
I came across your website when I encountered a difficult time with my boyfriend.

My cousin referred me to do a novena to St. Jude cause he had helped her in a situation with much success.

After googling for this novena it was your website that caught my attention. Around the time I decided to start my prayers to St.Jude to help me find a resolution with my boyfriend

I also had applied to a position within my company that I had wanted. So I began praying for both.

Today April 15th marks the 9th day. Although I still haven't gotten a resolution from my situation with my boyfriend (for which I will keep praying for ) (God I love that man!!!) Lol ...this morning my supervisor gave me full responsibility to do her job for which in her words she said "I want you to learn how to do this, for when you go to the other branch"... I didn't respond I just kept doing my job.

At that moment of silence I thought of St.Jude. I am extremely happy for this outcome. I'm still waiting on the day I get hired officially but that ray of hope let me know that I'm indeed on my way. and my gratitude all goes out to St. Jude and God himself.

I'm so thankful to be able to publish my story and hope to inspire people that with faith & perseverance it'll all come together.

P.S: You have my permission to publish my story & please keep my name anonymous.

thank you

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A Job from San Judas Tadeo
I had 11 months looking for a job. I would usually be sending around 7-10 applications daily but I receive no response. I was becoming desperation.

On October 28 of this year I went to church and I heard about San Judas Tadeo and the miracles he did to many people. I was impressed by the faith of the people. Someone gave me a card with his picture on a side and a prayer on the back. I decided to pray and put all my faith in him. Since, that day everything started to change.

Somehow, I started receiving small amount of money which help to put gas and buy some food. Then, I received a call from a company for an interview. I went for the first interview, then the second one, and finally a third interview for that same company. San Judas made it so easy to pass every interview.

Now, I say Thank You San Judas Tadeo, I have a job!

I made another petition to San Judas in regards to my son. My son and I, have faith in him and in God that the outcome will be great! I'll keep praying as much as I can.

San Judas Tadeo Thank you!


Protected from a Fearful Day in Court
I feel wonderful today. I had court and I know I have a warrant for my arrest.

I prayed for my San Juditas to protect me and not to leave me in custody today because my mom and wife really need me. The warrant I have had nothing to do with me but my babies mother wants to get me in trouble so I could give her custody of our children.

So I went to court today, and amazingly nothing showed up! I once was a firm believer of my Juditas, but distracted of him. Now I'm starting to come back to him and I know he's gonna guide me thought everything.

Thank you for finding this site.


At Last, A New Job!
Hi John
Two years ago I moved from the city to the country leaving my job of eight years, family and friends because of my husband's job. During the two years I struggled to find a job. No company would give me a chance. All I kept getting was rejected.

I was at my wits end that I didn't know what to do anymore. I felt so lost.

One day I woke up crying, feeling exhuasted and weak. My mom and her believing in San Judas Tadeo came to mind. I then searched for prayers and began praying to San Judas.

One week later I started to feel better like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I bought San Judas candles and said prayers for forty days 3x a day. About two weeks later I got a call for a job interview and was hired three days later.

Years ago I NEVER believed in the power of prayer but now I believe different.

Thank you San Judas Tadeo!
Thank you John


A Solution to Financial Problems
Dear John
My name is Claudia, I want to thank you for sharing this page with all if us. I want to share how San Judas helped my family and me with financial problems.

He helped me get a great job and my husband a second job. Also he helped me get my unemployment approved while I searched for a job.

I truly believe in your prayers and in San Judas. Thank you for sharing.


Miracles from the Philippines
Dear John
When I was in college in the Philippines back in 1997 I first heard of Saint Jude Thaddeus's miracles and intercessions. I was young and desperate about something and was very hopeless.

So I told my adopted grandparents how desperate I was and that's when I learned about Saint Jude. My adopted grandparents told me that one time they were struggling and hopeless, no job, no money, and with 2 little boys.

My grandpa Jerry (may he rest in peace) said that he walked for hours from their house to the church of Saint Jude and back. They did not have money to pay for a taxi or jeepneys, so he walked back and forth for 40 days. Yes, he did a 40-day novena. Saint Jude granted his requests.

My adopted grandparents gave me that 40-day novena booklet and I started my novena, my prayers were granted. I did and still do 9-day novenas (I don't have the 40-day booklet anymore, sad to say).

I have received countless blessings and miracles from God through Saint Jude Thaddeus's intercessions: US Visa, a son, jobs, exams, relationships, health, and many more.

I pray for Saint Jude's guidance every day. I ask him all the time to watch over my son, friends, family, etc. I always call his name whenever I feel happy, scared, hurt or feeling down. I don't remember a day without calling his name. I thank God everyday for giving me Saint Jude as my friend and intercessor. I talk to Saint Jude all the time as a friend, though I don't see him but I feel his silent presence.

Sometimes when he grants me my prayers I forget to thank him in writing, I have failed him so many times when the only thing he asks is "make him known" but still he never failed at granting me my petitions.

I encourage everyone who is seeking for his intercessions to not give up and have faith. He will answer your prayers but DO NOT forget to publish your thanksgiving and make his name known.

Saint Jude is a very powerful Saint and intercessor. Pray to God and ask for Saint Jude Thaddeus's intercessions. Ask Saint Jude to intercede to God.

from AGB """

Dear John
My son has 3 kids. They live in Texas.

I suffered a lot because I wanted enjoy being with them. And also I was having problems with son. He was not talking to me. I was suffering too much, so I asked TO SAINT JUDAS TO HELP ME IN THIS DIFICULT MOMENT.

One day finally he called me and he said Mami we are thinking about going back to NJ. I thought it was not going to be possible, but that came true.

I'm so grateful I have them with me. I know now that gift came from the heaven.thanks to SAINT JUDAS. I love HIM and I will pray every day.

So you can start praying to HIM and you will get the MIRACLES of SAINT JUDAS. I'm Very gratefull.

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If you want to receive a miracle just pray Saint Jude

Dolores love to Saint Jude

My Miracles of San Juditas
I want To let everyone know about My miracles Of San juditas.

When I was I child I would always hear my aunt pray for him and now that I'm married, my husband is devoted to him.

He is from Aguascalientes and there there a little city named San Tadeo. Ever since me and my husband been together we have always prayed to him when we have problems and he has always helped us ..

For example one day we had no money to buy the kids presents for Christmas and my husband's boss gave him $20 for him for gas and my husband said I'm going to buy a lottery ticket that does scratchers and he bought one for him one for each of us. It's me and my four kids. He got the kids the $1 ones. Before scratching it he said whatever you want to give us is OK, just let us be able to buy our kids some clothes.

He won 500 dollars on that one ticket he was soooo happy that he went to buy us all shoes and clothes that day. It has happened 2 or 3 times, but this was the most. He got ones and my daughter got another ticket.

Please let everyone know that San Juditas really helps..., you just have to have faith in him.


Help in tremendous ways during terrible times
I want to let everyone know about my own miracles of San Juditas.

St. Jude helps me in tremendous ways during terrible times.

He never failed to answer my prayers. He never left my side. He always gave me faith, hope, love and encouragement to defeat the darkest times in my life. I pray to him during financial difficulties, helped me with my job search, and repairing broken relationships.

St. Jude helped me with my love life, and helped my family, friends and, pets that I prayed for. I want to thank you St. Jude I love you.

Thank you John for this website. I'm not Catholic but I strongly have faith and believe in Jesus and the saints for helping me when I lost hope. I regained my faith.

God bless thank you.


Your experience has been the same as mine. Thank you for allowing me to share it with others.


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