Life in Mexico

Independence Day Parade
Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca

Photographs and Text by John Todd, Jr.

Independence Day
On September 15, we arrived in Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca just a day before Independence Day. Pinotepa in spite of its remoteness is very old and has a lot of history.

It was originally called "Pinotepa Real", because after Independence from Spain any names with Real or "royal", were changed to "nacional".

Pinotepa is in an area called "La Costa Chica", or the small coast. The "Costa Grande" is just north or here and includes Acapulco and Ixtapa-Zihuatenejo.

Waiting for the Parade
Early Morning Parade
Fortunately the parade was held early in the morning before the beastly sun got going to cook everybody in town.

People got there early to get the best places.
Lady Crowd
Three Generations
Three Generations
Three generations of people waiting for the parade.

The grandmother wears the traditional dress of the Costa Chica with towel for protection from the glare of the hot sun.
Two Generations of Tricycle Businesses
Tricycle Design
Notice how the tricycle design has changed.
La Banda Municipal
La Banda Municipal
La Banda Municipal plays a prominent role in official ceremonies and has the honor of leading 16 de septiembre parade.
Benito Juarez Spelled Out
Parade Drums
The Drums Roll
The Drums Roll
Benito Juarez was from Oaxaca
Mexicoīs famous president Benito Juarez was from Oaxaca. He is known for ousting the French from Mexico in the 1860īs.

The Morning Heats Up
It starts to get hotter and new shoes start to pinch.
The Mexican Army
New Hummers
The Charro Riding Club
Freshening Up
Up Since Before Sunrise
The Charro Riding Club
At the end of the parade is the Charro Riding Club which is made up of the elite of the town.

The cattle ranchers and their children.

The parade is a long one for some of the younger riders.

A Summer Cold
A summer cold is no fun.
With Grandaddy in the Shade
A word from Grandaddy always helps.
Cattle Rancherīs Daughter
The Cattle Rancherīs Daughter
Rancherīs Daughter
Unexpected beauty and charm in an out of the way place in Mexico.

Kind of takes your breath away.
Ice Cream
After the Parade
The End of the Parade
The day is heating up, and after the parade itīs good to have some cold ice cream.

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