By John Todd, Jr.

Port of Veracruz

This is the primitive Port of Veracruz in 1798 with one dock and for shallow draft boats protected against pirates by the wall built in 1683. The Fort of San Juan de Ulua was essentially a Spanish Naval Base and storage area for the silver to be shipped to Spain.

>Map 1798

"Veracruz 1798"

By 1874, the walled city of Veracruz looked essentially the same as the above map. There had been no growth beyond the walls of the city.

>Map 1874

"Veracruz 1874"

The Development of Phase I-1880

The first part of Bureau´s master plan was to demolish the wall that was stifling growth. Without the wall the city could grow. Marked in Red is the original protective wall ordered demolished by Bureau.

Map 1914

"Veracruz 1914"

The Development of Phase II-1897-1902

Marked in Yellow are the port works and jetties, built by the British company Pearson and Sons.

Especially noteworthy are a north jetty connecting the Island of San Juan de Ulua to the mainland, the two south jetties, as well as the landfill which included the Malecón, and the new docks. This was a tremendous project for the times that allowed for the growth of the city.

The city had changed remarkably in the 40 years after the administration of Don Domingo Bureau.